The ultimate fall detection and prevention solution.

* Analytics and behavior data shown for example purposes.

Vayyar Home sensors detect falls and deteriorating health patterns, letting you step in before a fall happens.It is smart, discreet and fully automated. Vayyar Home sensors monitor 24/7

Smart, discreet and fully automatic, Vayyar Home sensors monitor 24/7.

Works without cameras, wearables or buttons.

Just turn it on and you've got a virtual staff member in every room.

  • Touch screen interface
  • 2 way voice calling
  • Expanded reach
  • Compact sizing

Vayyar Home detects unusual health patterns and sends real-time alerts.

  • Fall Detection

  • Unwanted Visitors

  • Nocturnal Roaming

  • In and Out of Bed Indicator

  • Frequent Restroom Visits

  • Wake and Sleep Times

Vayyar Home Advantages

Using Point Cloud Technology, Vayyar's sensors are able to identify minute movements, monitor vital signs and track changes in activity levels.

Vayyar's dashboard shows the status of every resident at a glance.It displays both emergency alerts and detailed health analytics to help maximize senior safety and quality of life.

  • Get visibility on resident status in all of your rooms at once.

  • Track location, activity patterns and respiration, and receive alerts for deterioration and critical events.

  • Optimize on-site staff, ensuring reliable checks and reducing costs.

Vayyar Home takes care of your residents, even when you are not around.

Industry-leading fall detection rates.

We've conducted 2000+ tests across 17 different fall scenarios, and achieved industry-leading detection rates, with proven deployments across a range of geographies.

Detects all types of falls

Avoids false alarms

Fast Falls

Fast Falls

Slow Falls

Concealed Falls

Tying Shoes

Tying Shoes



Concealed Falls


Slow Falls


Vayyar Home is deployed in facilities around the world, in 41 countries across 6 continents.